Quote of the Week


"By the way, if anyone should dare utter the words Geneva Convention while I'm writing this, I might more or less lose control."

"Me consolé diciendo que volvería a verla otra vez. Pero ella no volvió a pasar por aquí. Nunca."

"Alcanzó a escuchar las palabras he's gorgeus [sic], o sea, guapísimo."

"Eso lo había aprendido en Hispanoamérica, donde la gente se fusilaba hablándose todo el rato de usted."

„Du, Obacht, gell! Nicht so eine ordinäre Sprache. Da bin ich fei empfindlich.“

"'It's Big Brother's Bigger Brother. And the technology is just getting better.'"

"... el imperio estaba sembrado de bastardos y muchos de los conquistadores lo eran."

"Flashing a toothy grin, he said: 'Welcome to the Saxon archaeological conservation lab.'"

"Do you know something? Do you have any proof? Or are you just making shit up like you always do?"

"Ya cunt, Freud wid be able tae fuckin well retire wi me oan ehs books!"

"'Would it mean a chance to hurt those bloody fucking Nazis?'
'Absolutely. [...]'
'Then, sweetheart, I'm your girl.'"

"'Fuck youuuuuuuu, ' the elf sang as he sailed away."

"In 1977, the United States Supreme Court handed down a decision that led to the establishment of adequate law libraries in all state and federal prisons."

„Man wies ihn scherzhaft darauf hin, er habe sich in einen Japaner verwandelt, deren allnächtliche Dienstbesäufnisse nur deshalb keinen schädlichen Einfluss auf Nippons Bruttosozialprodukt nehmen, weil ihnen ein bestimmtes Enzym fehlt.“

"These days, you left a cheese grater out, someone would steal the holes."

"'[...] the whites there should have made certain concessions, but they refused. When they became more than willing to make them, the time for accepting that modest change was past.'"

"How much poorer the United States would have been without the contributions of persons [...] classified as Coloured in South Africa: [...] Martin Luther King, O. J. Simpson, Harry Belafonte, [...] Congressman Powell."

"'Of course you don't.  Because you wasted your time at Stellenbosch. Playing rugby.'"

"'Hay es el fin de ellos.'[sic] There is the end of them."

"Worst parent on the planet. All he knew was to to bark orders and walk away."

"He always wants a bigger car, a bigger boat, a bigger house, and he wants to win every game."

"Because the utility companies in addition to being rapacious, conscienceless sociopaths, are also[...]

"The finest darned thing about having a kid, though, is that you are so busy cleaning up after them, you don't have time to dwell on all the other bullshit life throws your way."

"That was the horror of it. This life was the only one you got. No redemption afterwards, no chance of wiping the slate clean and starting over."

„Da hat man gemunkelt, dass er mit der Frau eines Gastes ein Verhältnis hatte und dass der ihn dann vom Seil abgeschnitten hätte.“

The drug-free inmates are housed in E Hall?"

Nur bezeichnet man das jetzt als Terrorismus und nicht mehr als Kreuzzug.

Interesting, said Allan, and meant the opposite."

"'[...] man is mortal, the gods are indifferent to his fate, and therefore the only thing to do in life is  enjoy oneself.'""

"[...] las banderas me parecen trapos de colores que huelen a rancio y me basta ver a cualquiera que se evuelva en ellas y se le llene la boca de himnos, escudos y discursos para que me entren cagarrinas."

"Crashing the Mushroom Kingdom securities had been easy[...] "

"We children had been brainwashed into thinking that we were 'citizens in-waiting,' about to go out and fight for our country."

"'If there is a heaven beyond this, I don't have to know it,' answered Tyrell, smiling crookedly."

"'[...] Our job is to promote American interests – and fuck democracy!'"


"Opinions  are like assholes. Everybody's got one."

"Nobody wants to be the pediatrician who saved the life of little Adolf Hitler."

"[...] If its back faces heaven you can eat it! Ugh!"

"So what  I'm saying is you don't have to thank me, I should be thanking you."